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Want to Talk to a Counselor?

Parents please call or email your counselor for an appointment. Students can come in to the counseling office before school, after school, or in between classes. If your counselor is not available fill out a slip for the counselor to call you in. If it is an emergency contact any administrator immediately.

If your student is interested in taking any outside classes for Enrichment or Credit Recovery purposes please contact your student's Counselor for approval. Not all HS courses and College courses will be approved for high school credit.

11th Grade Review Information

On December 4th & 5th the Counseling Department will be going into the 11th grade English classes to do the 11th Grade Review Presentation. The counselors will talk about information regarding the following: high school graduation requirements and the University of California and California State University entrance requirements also known as the "a-g" s. The students will be walked through how to read their transcript and will be marking the "a-g" requirements they have taken and still need to take if they are interested in attending a four year college straight after high school. Your student will be receiving a copy of their transcript, graduation requirements, "a-g" requirements, and the SSHS current list of "a-g" courses offered.

Please take a moment to review the information with your student here.

Five Year Plans

On November 20th and 21st, the Counseling Department will be going into the 9th grade English classes to present a 5 Year Plan Presentation. The Counselors will present information on high school graduation requirements, "a-g" requirements, how credits work, and resources on campus. The students will be walked through ‘mapping out’ their high school courses depending on their future plans and goals. Your student will be receiving a copy of their 5 Year Plan along with a packet of information to bring home which we are encouraging parents to review with their student. Please note these plans are NOT set in stone but to be used as a guide when going through high school.

Please take a moment to view the 5 Year Plan Presentation here.

Adult Education

Did you know that our very own Simi Valley Adult School and Career Institute not only helps students with credit recovery, but also has outstanding vocational programs that can lead to great employment opportunities? Whether you are looking for training in your chosen career or planning to go to a four year college but need to have a rewarding job to help you pay for school, the Simi Valley Adult School and Career Institute has so much to offer. It is one of the best kept educational secrets of Simi Valley! Classes are very affordable and include programs such as Cosmetology, Business & Computer Technology, Machinist, Welding, Dental Technology, as well as extensive medical programs including Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Nursing Assistant, Home Health Aide, Surgical Technologist, and Respiratory Therapist. To learn more, check out the Simi Valley Adult School and Career Institute Website. Course catalogs and brochures for their popular medical programs are available in our College and Career Center, as well. Thanks for helping support our community of Simi Valley!

Summer School Info

Students taking summer school: Please remember if you are enrolled in a go-ahead class (ie. World History, US History, a yearlong math class etc…) you must fully complete semester 1 and semester 2 of the course. Failure to complete both semesters will result being enrolled in the full year during the school year. You will not be permitted to “finish” the course during the school year on-line or wait until the following summer. If you are taking a summer course, your summer transcript must be submitted to the Counseling Office no later than August 13th. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian and student to ensure that the counseling office Registrar has received your transcript. It is imperative that this information is received so proper placement into Fall classes can be adjusted if needed.

Financial Aid Night
If you plan to attend College, it might be a good idea to attend this Financial Aid Night explaining the options you have.
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